I welded and designed oil pans for two different manufacturers for 23 years, then in the year
2001 I decided to start my own business.
I still do all the welding myself in order to make sure our pans are made with the best quality.
Many race parts dealers want to sell my pans, but I am not interested in selling high quantities
of one kind of  pan,  if I can't be sure that all off them will have the same good quality.
I like to make the trap doors, windage tray, pickup and fittings specially made to fit each oil
Our clients are racers and engine builders that know the difference between a good and a not
so good oil pan.  
I like the challenge of a new design.
I  make oil pans for Circle Track, Road Race, Drag, Marine, vintage Small and big block
Chevy, small and big block Ford, Dodge, imports, etc.  I can make a custom pan for you! .
I like to make my pans from 16 GA steel. Baffles are brazed except where too much distortion
might occur, then they are TIG welded. That way I make sure the baffles don't have any gaps
through which the oil could move away from the pickup area. A new oil pickup tube assembly
designed for each specific pan is included with every pan I sell.
The outside is oxi-gas welded. That way the welding bead doesn't have any pinholes which is
common with TIG and MIG welding. Those pinholes can become filled with slag which
sometimes comes off with the engine vibration, causing the pan to start leaking. I immerse
every pan I make in an acid bath to remove all the slag that welding produces. The finishing
touch is silver zinc plating which gives the pans an aluminum color.
If you can't find the pan you need please contact me,  and most likely I will be able to build it
for you.
Thank you for visiting my web site.

Armando Rodriguez
Armando's Racing Oil Pans
              15476 Montana Ave  El Paso TX 79938       
 Office Phone: (915) 849-7622  Cell Phone: (323) 422-0145
Armando Rodriguez
15476 Montana Ave  El Paso, TX 79938
Office Phone: (915) 849-7622
Cell Phone: (323) 422-0145
E-Mail: aroilpans@aol.com